Removing Gophers From Your Hotel Grounds

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If you are a business owner with their own hotel, and you have been noticing holes on your property where gophers have done some destruction, you will want to be active in having them removed quietly and safely so that you do not disturb your hotel guests in the process. Here are some methods for gopher removal that you can use in an attempt to get them off of your hotel property.

Do An Observation

Do a complete evaluation of the property in an effort to determine an estimate of the number of gophers you may have on your grounds. If there are only one or two holes, you may only have one or two gophers to remove. If the grounds are pitted with several holes and piles of dirt, you may have a gopher infestation and will need to work much more aggressively.

Alert Your Guests

You will want to rope off the area where the gophers are living so there is no risk of a guest becoming injured by stepping into a hole in the ground. Use caution tape to alert guests to stay away from the area while you are aggressively trying to remove the gopher problem.

Try Scaring Them Off

If there are not very many gophers on your property, you can try a few scare tactics to see if they will vacate the area on their own. Start by placing a small transistor radio inside a plastic sandwich bag so it can be left outdoors. Put it on a loud radio station, even if it is a channel of static. Place the radio inside one of the holes on your grounds. The sound of the radio may scare the gophers into moving to another area.

Another way to scare gophers is to use colored glass to frighten them. Gophers do not care for bright colors and they are also afraid of reflections. Colored bottles put inside a few gopher holes may make them move on to new territory, as well.

Try A Few Deterrents

Gophers do not like the smell of garlic or peppermint oil. Place a few garlic cloves and cotton balls that have been doused with peppermint oil inside some of the gopher holes. Mix some peppermint oil with water and place inside a spray bottle. Use this to spray down any vegetation in the area where the gophers have been spotted. These scents may make the gophers vacate.

Use A Trapping Method

If you cannot scare or deter the gophers to leave on their own free will, you can try using small gopher traps for their removal. These can be purchased in a hunting store or online. Make sure you put the traps inside the holes using a gloved hand so the gophers will not smell your scent.

Use bait, such as peanut butter, inside the traps. You will need to check on the traps frequently and bring the gophers to an area far from your hotel so there is no risk of them coming back. To learn more, contact a company like Select Pest Control with any questions or concerns you have.