Best Methods For Catching Mice In Your Garage

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Although there are worse places to have an infestation, mice that occupy your garage can still do damage. By chewing through mechanical hoses and making holes in the walls and cabinetry, garage mice can be a big nuisance. The methods that you use to catch to catch mice in a garage may not be the same methods that you use to catch mice in your home. The following are some of the best traps for catching mice in the garage. 


While many homeowners hesitate to use poison in their home, poison can be a very effective and practical pest control method in a space like a garage. Advantages of mouse poison include:

Note that poisons are not acceptable for use in garages where pets or children may come in and out. If your garage connects to your home, poisons aren't advisable because poisoned mice may walk into the house and die inside the walls, resulting in a smell.

Snap Traps

Snap traps are a practical choice for homeowners who want to avoid using poisons, either because of their pets or because of their children. Snap traps are spring activated. When a mouse encounters the trap and sets off the trigger, the spring-loaded bar in the trap snaps down and crushes the mouse--often breaking the neck or the back. While snap traps do have some disadvantages (they can only kill one mouse a time and setting off the trap accidentally can be painful), snap traps do have some advantages that make them a smart choice for spaces like the garage.

For more information about the best mouse traps to use in the garage, contact a residential pest control company in your area. A pest control professional from a company like Mr. Bug Killer Inc may have helpful advice and tricks for catching garage mice.