Keeping Mice Out Of Your Home

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Since weather is starting to warm up, pests that have been hibernating during the winter months are going to be coming out of hiding to search for food. Springtime is a time when rodents will be trying to get into homes in an attempt to get a meal and a drink of water. In order to keep these pests from invading your household, you will need to make some advance preparations so they will not be able to enter and so that they are not interested in trying. Here are some mouse deterring methods you can use to keep your home free of rodents.

Spring Cleaning Time

Now is the time to do your springtime cleaning in an attempt to keep hungry rodents and insects from coming inside to look for their dinner. Keep all floors vacuumed and free of any crumbs at all times. Do a deep clean of your kitchen. Use a mixture of half bleach and half water to spray down all of your counter tops and stove top so that food scents will be totally eliminated.

Go through your cabinets to remove anything opened or in easy to gnaw through boxes. Place these items inside containers with tightly sealed lids instead. When you have any leftovers, store them inside your refrigerator so they are out of the area where they can be smelled.

Exterior Fix Up

Seal up any apparent holes, cracks and crevices on the exterior of your home. If your home has sustained any damage during the wintertime months, now is the time to do the repairs, before intruders try to use the areas as a gateway to the inside. Smaller areas can be filled in with caulk or exterior putty. If parts of the exterior of your home have larger rips or holes, they may need to be replaced totally so there is no way for pests to get inside.

Use Some Deterrents

Mice do not enjoy the smell of peppermint. Consider placing a peppermint plant inside your home to help keep them from wanting to try to come inside. Peppermint oil can be splashed upon small sachets or pillows and places throughout the home, giving your interior a fresh, clean scent while keeping rodents from coming inside. If you like pets, think about getting a cat to help you patrol the interior of your home. Cats will instinctively try to chase a mouse, keeping them from becoming regular inhabitants.

If, after all of your efforts, you still get invaded by unwanted pests, contact a specialist like Bug Busters to get the problem taken care of quickly.