Natural Ways To Keep Deer Out Of Your Yard This Spring

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Sure, deer are cute to look at. However, they can really do a number on your landscaping efforts. Deer love to eat many of the plants and flowers that you probably enjoy planting outside. Here are a few natural methods to keep the deer away from your flowers and your yard this spring.

Dairy Spray

Mix together one cup of milk, two eggs,  a cup of water and a wetting agent. You can find a wetting agent at your local nursery. Put this concoction inside of a spray bottle and spray it directly on the plants outside that you have noticed the deer eating. This mixture will not hurt your plants, but it will prevent the deer from enjoying them.

You will need to reapply this spray every week to keep the deer away from your plants.

Hanging Rags

Another way to keep the deer away is to take some rags and dip them in some ammonia. Then hang the rags every could of feet or so among your plants. This should keep the deer away. However, you will need to re-dip the rags in ammonia every week in order to keep the deer away.

Hanging Bags

Another way to keep the deer away is to frighten them. If you have a fence up, hang some plastic bags on the fence. The rustling sound will scare the deer away, and keep them from wanting to hop over your fence.

Wolf Urine

You can pick up some wolf urine at your local nursery or hunting store. You can spray some of it around your plants. Deer do not like this smell and will steer clear of your yard. They don't want to hang out somewhere where they think they could get eaten.

Keep in mind that you will have to reapply the wolf urine every time it rains, as the smell will be washed away. Also, wolf urine does not smell good, so you probably do not want to spray it right next to your house or windows. Rather, you should try spraying it around the perimeter of your yard.

Bar Soap

Another way to keep the deer away from your plants is by hanging or placing bar soap outside. Deer do not like how it smells. After about a week though, you will need to replace the soap. If you pick up your bar soap at a local discount or dollar store, this can be a very affordable option.

Deer can really wreak havoc on your yard. To keep the deer away this spring, try one of the natural methods above to keep them out of your yard. For more tips, contact a pest control company like E & R Exterminating Company, Inc.