Natural Ingredients To Kill And Discourage Bed Bugs

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One of the tiniest insects on planet earth is the bed bug. Do not underestimate its wiliness though. These insects work after dark and worm their way into your mattress and other warm areas in your home. They nestle in and wait until you are asleep before attacking. So while you are sleeping, the mighty little buggers puncture areas of your body and go on a bloodsucking trip. There are natural bed bug treatments that you can use to banish these tormenting insects into oblivion.

Nature's Bean Leaves Are Potent For Bedbugs

Certain types of bean leaves are hairy as you may have noticed. The University of Kentucky and the University of California at Irvine note that those bean leaves are covered with thousands of trichomes. Nature's design of trichomes creates curved hairs on the leaves. Lucky for you, these curved hairs pierce the bed bugs' legs as the insects innocently travel across the surface of bean leaves. The bugs are impaled for good as they saunter across the leaves, and they are totally trapped and are killed by the curved hairs.

Researchers at the universities have found a way to make the bean leaves available to you by offering you synthetic versions of the leaves. You will be able to use the synthetic bean leaves version to cover your furniture legs to deflect the bugs. You can also take the bean leaf product and use it anywhere in your home where bed bugs are known to use as a host. You will never again wake up with itchiness and red inflammation on your body where the bugs punctured your skin and sucked and feasted on your blood. The insects will never again deprive you of a safe and good night's rest.

Herbal Solution To Bed Bugs

You may use an herbal solution that you can prepare to help dissuade bed bugs from infesting your home. Use a distilled version mix of essential oils that have a strong scent that the bugs do not like. You will be able to use the solution as a spray application. That means you can take the spray with you when you stay in hotels or other lodgings. See the website's bed bug spray concoction below.


1 cup of water

10 drops of lavender essential oil

10 drops of rosemary essential oil

10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

3 drops of essential oil of clove

Preparing Essential Oils Spray

Combine and shake the oil mixture in a plastic or other type of spray container that issues a fine mist spray. The author of the website article states that your skin can absorb the mixture if it spills. So do remember to wear gloves as you prepare the mixture. Also keep small children and cats away from the area you are spraying. For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from Arab Termite and Pest Control.