3 Reasons You Could Pack Home Bed Bugs without Knowing It

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When you think about traveling and staying the night in a hotel room, there is a pretty good chance that the thought of bed bugs sharing the room with you will cross your mind. One out of every five people say they have either had an infestation of bed bugs on their own or experienced them in a hotel room.

If you do indeed find that you have bed bugs in the room where you are staying, it can be frightening to think that you could pack these unwanted guests back home with you. The fact is, it would not be at all hard to carry bed bugs back to your house, even when you think you have avoided the problem. There are a few reasons why a lot of hotel visitors take bed bugs with them when they check out without knowing it.

1. Juvenile Bed Bugs Are Quite Small

It is no big secret what bed bugs look like. You can find their pictures plastered all over the Internet. However, juvenile bugs are actually a lot smaller than what most people know, at about 1.5 mm in length and are even a different color than the full-grown adults. Some babies are an almost see through shade of white, which is no good on mattress surfaces that are usually the same color. These baby bugs could easily make their way into your clothing or luggage without being seen.

2. Bed Bugs Are Elusive and Great at Hiding

You can spend the night with a colony of bed bugs and never know what has taken place. This is because these biting critters are quite elusive and will usually wait until the lights go out at night before they start looking for food. Furthermore, they can fit into the tiniest of spaces to hide out, including electric outlets, nail holes, or spaces in a wooden headboard – and of course, your suitcase.

3. Bed Bug Bites Are Not as Apparent as Most People Think

Bed bugs are master feeders that will only feed when they feel the time is right. They are equipped with sharp mouth parts that pierce the skin with the slightest of ease. As much as 30 percent of people who are bitten by a bed bug will have no reaction to the bite at all. So even if you think you have had a peaceful night of sleep, you could have been bitten.

The bottom line is, if you travel often and stay in hotel rooms, it is imperative that you arm yourself with knowledge to keep your own home safe from bed bugs. It is all too easy to just pack a few home with you and end up with a major pest problem. For assistance, contact a professional like Rice's Inc Termite & Pest Control.