A Couple Of Concerns You May Have About Bed Bugs

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There are few insect problems that can cause more stress and concern that a bed bug infestation. These insects have made a roaring comeback in recent years, and there are many areas of the country where these infestations are almost at epidemic levels. Due to the sudden increase in bed bug reports, there are many homeowners that may want to know more about this potential threat to their homes. After learning how bed bugs make it into your home and the warning signs of this problem, you will be better positioned to defend your house from this common threat. 

How Do Bed Bugs Make It Into Your Home?

Many homeowners are under the impression that these bugs migrate into the house from the outside, and while this is true for most insects, this is not the case with bed bugs. Rather, it is more likely that the bugs were brought into your home on some type of fabric. 

For this reasons, you should always treat used furniture and clothing for bed bugs to help reduce the chances that these insects make it into your home. While this may seem like a terribly inconvenient step to go through, it can be the best option for preventing one of these infestations from striking your home. 

What Are The Warning Signs That Your Home Has Bed Bugs?

Due to the fact that bed bugs are nocturnal insects that hide in fabric, their infestations can be extremely difficult to spot. This is especially true for homeowners that never encountered this potentially severe problem in the past.

Fortunately, there are a couple of warning signs that you can look for when determining whether or not bed bugs are present in your home. One of the most common signs is red spots on fabric in unusual areas. These spots are part of the waste excreted by the bed bugs, and if you notice it under cushions, mattresses or other fabrics, there is a strong chance that bed bugs are present. Several times throughout their life cycles, bed bugs will shed their skin. During this process, the outer layer of the bed bug will come off almost in a single piece, and if you notice these shells in your home, you should contact a professional exterminator, like those at Snowball Pest Control, as soon as possible. 

A bed bug infestation does not have to cause life in your home to be miserable. By understanding this common pest, you can help defend your home against these painful infestations.