Think Your Small Pest Problem Won't Grow Too Quickly? Think Again...

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It's easy to dismiss a couple of ants as "no big deal" or think you "might" have a situation on your hands after seeing a few roaches. After all, you probably lead a busy and hectic lifestyle that doesn't have time for a major pest problem. These problems aren't to be swept under the proverbial rug, however: Pests multiply faster than you can get a handle on them and they've very cleverly evolved into super-survivors who won't go away without serious intervention.

The Dreaded Ants: When Females Need No Male To Reproduce

Not only are ants highly organized and capable of invading your home like the tiny, hungry soldiers of an actual army, but one particular species has female members who can reproduce all by themselves! Despite their size, ants think, plan and will even compensate for the marginal progress you might make against them. Queen ants choose the sex of their offspring, to keep the population up and working for the greater good of the community. Don't think for one minute your ant problem will be small for long: One South American breed can yield 150 million eggs in her lifetime!

Roaches Galore: From A Happy Couple To A Family Of 35,000 In Just 20 Days

Just two roaches can reproduce to the tune of tens of thousands in less than a month, meaning the clock is ticking on your solution. Roaches have been around forever, so they're highly adept at escaping, evading and surviving whatever means of destroying them you opt for. Seeing a roach or two doesn't mean anything is your fault, since they might enter your home via a number of ways, but it does indicate the need for immediate intervention.

Pesky Mice: No Pied Piper Needed For Quick Colonization

Mice don't just creep people out, they crowd them out as well. In fact, one female may give birth to as many as 60 offspring a year! Not only that, if you make contact with their fecal matter, you risk contracting a deadly infection called hantavirus. To make matters even creepier, a pair of mice can drop 36,000 of those tiny poops in your home every year. Multiply that number by the number of young the pair produces and you have a whopping number of droppings and frightening risk of becoming seriously ill.

If you think a few ants or mice droppings aren't an indication that you're in for serious trouble, you're likely mistaken. Given that roaches have survived for 300 or so million years, it's not going to be easy to get rid of them, either. Do yourself a favor at the first sign of any pest problem: Call in the professionals like B & W Pest Control