How To Remove And Keep Away Summertime Wasps

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In many areas of the world when the weather gets warm and dry, wasps like to start building nests. Human homes provide many places for wasps to build their nests, and often come with the added benefit of providing food. Removing nests yourself can be dangerous, but it can be done safely if you use the right methods. Once you've removed all the wasps from your area, you can set about trying to deter any more from sticking around.

Removing Nests

Removing a wasp nest is dangerous because many species of wasps can sting multiple times, unlike bees, and they also like to swarm anyone attacking their nests. Before you make any attempts, you should make sure you are adequately prepared.

Use the soap and water mixture in a spray bottle and coat the entrance to the nest so none of the wasps can escape, then spray inside repeatedly to make sure you've got most of them. Then, quickly move the nest into a sealed bag and dispose of it.

Sealing Your Home

Wasps are annoying when they nest outside on your roof or deck, but even worse if they find their way inside. For this reason, you should take care to properly seal your home.

To do this, take caulk and make sure that the frames of all your doors and windows are properly sealed. If your house's siding uses slats, make sure there are no holes in or between the slats.

Next, look up in your attic. This is often an easy place to get to because of attic vents, so if you have any vents with wide openings, cover them with insect mesh.

Keep Wasps Away

There are a few tricks you can use to keep wasps from nesting in or around your home.

The first step is to make mimic wasp nests by crumpling up brown paper bags and hanging them from your roof in various areas. Wasps won't nest where other wasps already live, so they'll steer clear.

The second step is to set up a cucumber border around your house or play area. Yes, the vegetable. Slice up some cucumbers and lay the slices on the ground a few feet apart around whatever you want the wasps to stay away from. The wasps don't like the vegetable's acidic content and will stay away.

Don't Become Appealing

Wasps constantly look for places to nest that have access to food and water. By making sure there is no easily accessible food and water nearby, you'll make them search elsewhere.

The same goes for inside your house. Keep things tidy and dry, and it's unlikely that wasps will come into your home with the intention of making a nest. For further assistance, contact a local pest control company.