Sleep Tight! Tips To Combat A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Bed

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It may be a good night and you may really want to sleep tight, but if you know you have bed bugs, that is likely the last thing that you will be doing. Even though bed bugs are not known to cause a great deal of harm to their human hosts unless there is a major infestation, the idea of sharing your bed with these unwelcome critters is enough to make anyone lose at least a few winks of sleep.

Chances are, you will be more than ready to get pest control professionals to your home to handle the issue. If you find yourself having to wait for a bit for professional help, there are a few things you can do in the meantime to get these hungry pests off your back (sometimes literally) and less attracted to the safe haven of your bed.

Invest in a Mattress Cover - You can buy mattress covers that have a zip-closure that is lined by vinyl on the inside and closes off completely tight. These mattress covers usually say they are bed bug proof and will prevent any bugs inside of your mattress from coming out while you are asleep. Unfortunately, you will also have to put a cover on your box springs if you have one, as the critters can make their way inside of it just the same. Plus, the covers will not protect you from bugs that are elsewhere in the room.

Run All Bedding Through the Dryer Daily - A clothes dryer set on high can kill bed bugs and their eggs in 30 minutes. Therefore, you should try to launder all of your bedding daily, but if not, at least run each piece through a cycle in the dryer. This should include your sheets, pillows and pillowcases, and any blankets you always use.

Vacuum Your Bedroom Carpet and Mattress - A vacuum will not kill bed bugs and their eggs, but it can pull them out of cracks and crevices so you can take them out of your home. Vacuum around your mattress and all of the carpet daily while you wait for professional pest control. Afterward, immediately seal up the vacuum bag or contents of the canister in a trash bag and take it out of your home.

Invest In Bed Bug Traps - Bed bug traps are available at most retail stores and are basically just strips that stick to areas of the mattress. The strips have a strong adhesive that catches bed bugs who walk over the glue to get to you while you sleep.

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