Four Reasons To Appreciate Termites And The One Big Reason To Dislike Them

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Termites are ancient creatures that are as difficult to eliminate as their distant cousin the cockroach. These fairly unattractive pests are not disliked for their creepy appearance the way many other insects are, but for the very real damage they do to some homes. However, no one is all bad, and termites do have some redeeming qualities.

They Improve Soil Quality

Termites help to speed up the decomposition process of wood and other plant fibers. They also aerate the soil by creating tunnels that they travel through to reach their home underground. It is their work that helps to keep forests and other woodlands healthy.

Termites Harbor no Ill Will Toward Humans

Termites are an unaggressive species, but they will protect their colonies if needed. They have strong pinchers on the front of their heads that are used to scare or fight off marauding ants attempting to infiltrate their colonies. There is the possibility that they could pinch humans, but this is a very rare occurrence.

They do not Transmit Diseases

Termites and their droppings are not known to carry any diseases or to cause any type of illness. The shavings and dust they create could aggravate allergies or asthma if the infestation is heavy. Although this is typically only a threat when the dust is transferred into heat ducts and spread into the interior of the home.

They Stay Together

The members of termite colonies are dedicated to the well-being of the entire unit. Every colony has their own scent and they use these chemicals to communicate with each other. They also work hard to groom themselves and each other regularly to keep their colonies clean. The males stay and share parental duties with their queen, including feeding the young.

Why to Worry When They Come to Visit

Because termites live in colonies, they never work as a solo agent, so seeing one means there are more.  A single colony of termites can contain hundreds of thousands of termites, or more. With each termite chewing at once, it is easy to see how quickly wood could become dangerously damaged. Estimates suggest that a colony is able to eat nearly 13 pounds of wood every year.

Termites are a danger to homes and despite having some admirable qualities, they cannot be allowed to stay once they are discovered. It is unfortunate that wood, the product that is the most convenient for humans to build homes and furniture with, happens to be their primary source of food. Contact a professional pest control company, like Palm Springs Pest Control Inc, immediately if you suspect you have a termite problem