Dealing With Fire Ants On Your Property: Important Dos And Don'ts

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Fire ants aren't just a pest; they can be quite dangerous to humans and pets alike. Specifically, fire ants can and will sting when they feel threatened, and their stings inject potentially dangerous venom into the body that can cause irritation and even allergic reactions. If you're dealing with fire ants on your property, your best bet is talk with a professional, like Desert Pest Control, to eradicate the problem safely and effectively. Should you choose to attempt a DIY approach, however, there are some important tips to keep in mind.

DO Explore Broadcast Treatments

Generally, the most effective way to eradicate an ant population on your property is to use a treatment that will cause ants exposed to the treatment chemicals to carry those chemicals back to the mound, thus infecting the rest of the ants and killing off the population gradually. As you shop for a broadcast treatment, make sure you find one that's specifically formulated to kill fire ants--not just ants in general.

DON'T Try a "Home Remedy"

There are all kinds of "home remedies" on the Internet that claim to be effective in getting rid of fire ants on your property. Unfortunately, these can be dangerous and actually cause more harm than good. For example, some home remedies involve the use of bleach and gasoline, which can produce dangerous fumes and will most likely kill your lawn in the process.

DO Treat in the Right Conditions

When using a fire ant treatment on your yard, make sure you read the instructions carefully. Usually, the treatment will need to be applied at a certain temperature (too hot or too cold outside and the treatment may not be effective). Many will also require you to ensure that there will be no rain for a day or so after the treatment. And finally, many treatments will recommend that you avoid mowing your lawn for a certain period of time after application.

DON'T Treat Just a Section of Your Yard

Last but not least, make sure that you treat your entire yard with the fire ant killer--not just the areas where you see ant mounds. This way, you can eradicate the current population of fire ants and make sure that you don't encounter any more infestations for the remainder of the season. By keeping these tips in mind, you can get rid fire ants on your property and keep them from coming back.