Safely Removing A Honey Bee Hive From Your Property

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If you have a honey bee hive on your property and you have been having difficulty with bees swarming around your yard, removing the hive safely may become an issue you wish to explore. While honey bees are beneficial for pollination purposes, they may be a threat to people in your home if they are left in place. Here are some steps to take when you wish to remove a honeybee hive from your property.

Consider Calling In Help

The best way to eliminate a beehive safely is to have a professional handle the job. A pest control service would know how to remove the hive so you are no longer bothered by honey bees. Having a beekeeper come to the home is another way to remove bees. They will take the hive to their establishment and use the bees for honey making purposes. Either option will save you the risk of stinging, making them good choices for someone who suffers from a bee allergy.

Know When To Remove

Bees are less likely to be a threat to people during night-time hours. For this reason, it is best to save the elimination of the hive until the wee hours of the morning before the sun rises. This will catch bees off-guard as they will be in a dormant state within the hive at that time.

Wear The Appropriate Clothing

When you get ready to remove the hive, make sure your skin and eyes are completely protected. If the bees get agitated when you try to remove their hive, you will at least be less prone to being stung as a result. Wearing light-colored clothing is best. Bees tend to feel anxious when bright colors are nearby. Cover your head with a mesh net and place a hat over it. This will protect your face from stinging. Wear goggles to protect your eyes and gloves to protect hands. Long-sleeves and pants are also best.

Spray And Remove The Hive

If you are going to be using a bee-killing pest control product, stand far enough away from the hive when you direct the spray toward it. Practicing spraying a target in another area before you try the hive may help you determine the distance you will need to place between you and the hive when it comes time for removing it. 

Spray the hive for several days in a row to help kill off the bees inside. When the numbers seem less threatening, hold a garbage bag under the hive as you knock it from where it is attached. Spray the interior of the bag with the chemical before doing this so bees are less likely to fly out after the hive drops. Quickly seal the bag and keep it sealed for several days so bees inside will perish. Burn the hive afterwards.

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