8 Ways To Get Rid Of Garden Slugs

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Slugs not only look nasty, but they also have a nasty appetite especially when it comes to your garden plants. They can make a once healthy looking garden look dilapidated and bug-eaten. However, there are many ways you can get rid of these pests. Here are eight ways to help you get rid of garden slugs.

Epsom Salt

Pepper your soil with Epsom salt, which will help discourage slugs. It also helps ensure your plants have healthy levels of Magnesium.

Encourage Toads

Toads love to eat slugs and don't harm plants. Encourage them to take up residence in your garden by giving them access to water and a sheltered area to hide.


Scatter copper around your garden. Copper delivers shocks to slugs so they will understandably stay away. You can buy copper pieces made for gardens or just use pennies, which also works great for keeping slugs out of your potted plants.


Garlic isn't just good for repelling vampires. It also works well on slugs. It appears garlic kills slugs or at the very least, the strong smell of garlic repels them. It also repels mosquitos as well, which is a win-win!


You can buy slug killers at the store with ingredients that help attract slugs. It contains iron which kills the slugs. Traces of the iron are good for your garden too. If you have any nearby hydrangeas the iron will actually turn them a vibrant shade of blue!


Slugs love beer and these little alcoholics don't know when to stop. Place tubs of beer around your garden at night. In the morning you will have tubs full of dead drunk slugs.

Lightning Bugs

The babies of lightning bugs love to eat slugs as well as their eggs. Make your garden inviting for adult lightning bugs to reproduce by keeping an area dark at night with lots of weeds.

Stones and Boards

Place stones and boards in your garden. The slugs will scurry under them to get away from the hot sun. You can then scrape them off somewhere else or kill them so they don't return.

Keep in mind that most of the methods here that work on slugs also work on snails. So don't worry if you see either of these creatures in your garden. There are a lot of ways to get rid of slugs in your garden to get your garden quickly back to its former glory so you can enjoy it for years to come. Contact a business, such as Albemarle Termite & Pest Control for more information.