Answering Two Questions New Homeowners May Have About Termites

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New homeowners will have to protect their houses from an assortment of threats. However, it is common for these individuals to be poorly informed about the various problems a home can encounter, which can make their property more likely to suffer damage. In particular, termites are a serious threat that may be misunderstood by homeowners, but learning the following couple of questions and answers should clear some of this confusion.

How Can A Homeowner Know If Termites Have Infested Their House?

One of the most important steps in protecting a home from termite damage is understanding the warning signs of this type of infestation. If a termite problem is treated fairly quickly, it may be possible to drastically reduce the amount of damage that occurs to the house. The appearance of wood shavings can be a major indicator of a termite problem because these droppings are produced as these pests chew through the wood of the home. Additionally, termites may build mud tubes along the exterior and interior of the home and wood parts of the house may develop small holes.

To ensure that you are able to catch these warning signs as soon as possible, you should make sure to regularly tour your home to look for these issues. If you discover signs of termites, you should immediately contact an experienced professional to neutralize these pests before they compromise your home's structural integrity.

Is It Possible To Prevent Termites From Infesting A Home?

Unfortunately, you should be aware that there is no way to completely prevent termites from striking a home. However, there are steps that you can take to help make this less likely. Some people are unaware of the fact that termites live underground, and as a result, it may be possible to discourage them from striking your home by treating the ground with insecticides, which will essentially create a barrier for these pests. Also, you can help to further discourage them from attacking the home by making sure to keep your exterior paint in good condition and treat any exposed exterior wood with insecticides specially formulated for termites.

If your home develops a termite problem, it can quickly sustain serious structural and cosmetic damage. To prevent these issues, you should regularly tour the property to inspect for signs of termites and you should have the ground around your home treated. These steps may be somewhat inconvenient and expensive, but these expenses are minor compared to the costs of the repairs that serious termite damage may require. To learn more, contact a termite control company like Fowler Pest Control.