Keeping Your Iron Porch Railings Free Of Spider Webs

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If you have scrolled iron porch railings adorning your front staircase, you most likely enjoy the majestic appearance they give to your place. Caring for porch railings regularly will keep them looking their best. This includes taking the time to deter spiders from the iron railings so they do not mar the appearance with unsightly webs. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your front staircase railings are kept free of hiding spiders so they remain visibly appealing.

Consider The Light Source On Your Porch

If you leave your porch light on for an extended time period during dark hours, insects are bound to be drawn to the area. With these insects comes an abundance of spiders hanging around the area in an attempt to get a quick meal. Turn off your light to eliminate bugs from the mix altogether. If you still want a light source to illuminate your porch, think about swapping traditional bulbs for yellow bulbs instead. Many insects have difficulty seeing this hue, making the number in the area far less than with standard bulbs. This will reduce not only the insects in the area, but also spiders as they will not have a readily accessible meal to grab.

Use Horse Chestnuts To Deter Spiders

Spiders do not care for the scent of horse chestnuts, making them a great addition to your porch in an attempt to minimize web-making from happening. If you know of a property in your area where a horse-chestnut tree is present, ask the homeowner if they would mind if you gathered several of these nuts when they fall. They can be stored in containers as they last for several months without rotting. At times when spiders are abundant in your locale, place a horse chestnut or two at the edge of each of the steps on your staircase to help keep spiders from taking up residence.

Clean Railings Regularly To Eliminate Insects

It is important to take the time to clean off your iron rails frequently to help keep spiders from staying in the area. If you eliminate their webs regularly, they will tend to move on to other areas instead of wasting time in efforts to rebuild their insect traps. Use vinegar and spray it liberally over your iron railings to help deter these pests from sticking around. Many insects do not care for the scent of vinegar, making the area less attractive to spiders since they are not likely to capture meals as easily. Vinegar mixed with coconut oil will deter spiders. After using your preferred solution, wipe down the railings with a piece of non-abrasive cloth or a sponge to remove any leftover carcasses and web remnants to keep your railings free of debris.

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