Tips for Keeping Your Home Free of Bedbugs After Travelling

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If you travel and stay in a hotel or other rental property, there is a slight chance that your clothes and luggage could pick up bedbugs. This is a huge problem if it spreads to your home. In order to make sure that you don't have to deal with the anxiety that comes with possibly having bedbugs, take action with these easy tips. 

1. Don't Put Your Luggage on the Ground or on the Bed

The easiest way to protect yourself against bedbugs is to make sure that they don't get onto your suitcase in the first place. The first step is to avoid letting your suitcase touch the ground or the bed at any point. Most hotels come with racks that are made out of metal that you can put your suitcase on. If your room doesn't have one of these, you can always call down to the front desk and have them bring one up to you. Bedbugs can easily jump from the carpet or the bed to your luggage. This will allow you to reduce the chances that this occurs.

2. Take Action Before Going Inside Your House

Before you go into your house, take all of your clothes that are in your suitcase and put them in a plastic garbage bag—then seal the bag. Remove all of your other toiletries and put them away. Then, take a vacuum outside and vacuum out the inner lining of your suitcase. Make sure that you vacuum in all of the pockets. This will suck up any bedbugs that might be in your bag and stop them from infesting your house. Leave your suitcase in another plastic garbage bag for a few days so that any remaining bedbugs starve and die. Vacuum out the luggage again after a few days and it should be safe to use.

As for your clothes, take any clothes that can withstand being in hot water and throw them into the washing machine immediately on the hottest setting. This will kill any of the bed bugs. Any clothes that will be damaged with hot water can be left in the sealed plastic bag. The bedbugs will eventually die. Speed up the process by vacuuming your clothes ahead of time.

Empty the vacuum immediately and take the trash outside anytime you vacuum for bedbugs in case some of them are still alive in the bag.

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