Three Common Signs Of A Bedbug Population

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Bedbugs are one of the most common, yet also one of the worst, pests that could possibly take up residence in your home. They can find their way into your property by riding on the back of your pets, attaching themselves to used furniture, or even on your clothes after you stay at someone else's home or in a hotel. Fortunately, there are a couple of key warning signs associated with the presence of bedbugs in your home that can alert you to an infestation.


The first and most common sign that you have bedbugs in your home is if you can spot any sort of bite mark on your body. Bedbug bites are similar in appearance to mosquito and other bug bites, being red raised areas on your skin, but you will likely suffer from multiple of them and they will be arranged in a straight line or grouped together—bed bugs will move down your body and continue to feed at multiple points. Bedbug bites can affect any area of your skin, and can also affect your pets as well, so be sure to watch out for signs of your dogs or cats scratching themselves if you notice any strange red marks on your skin.


Another sign of bedbugs that can be easily spotted if you have lightly colored sheets or fabrics in your home is any sort of staining. Bedbugs will create blood stains after they bite you, and will also leave small amounts of fecal matter in your sheets and on other soft surfaces that they may inhabit. These droppings can leave small black and brown stains, usually smaller than your smallest fingernail. Darkly colored sheets and surfaces won't be as easy to inspect, so you should instead look for bedbug shell casings and dead bodies. Shaking your sheets out over a white surface can be a good way to inspect the state of your infestation.


Finally, the last sign of bedbugs that is hard to miss is a strong and unpleasant odor that permeates the room that has a large presence of bedbugs in it. Bedbugs emit an earthy, almost moldy smell that will not disappear no matter how much you clean and scrub your room. Washing your sheets and clothes can help eliminate bedbugs and thus the smell, but for best results, you should have a professional treat your home to free all of your possessions and furniture from both bedbugs and their unpleasant odor.   

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