Tips To Prepare For Pest Control Services To Eliminate An Ant Problem

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Finding a long trail of ants traveling across your kitchen counter or along a wall in the bathroom can be very frustrating. Once ants infest a home, they can be very difficult to get rid of on your own. While it is possible to purchase pest control products at the store, a DIY approach is not your best option when dealing with an ant problem. You are much better off hiring a pest control company to assist you with the issue. A reputable pest control company will know exactly what to do to eliminate the ants that have taken up residence in your home. However, you will need to be prepared so the pest control technician can do his or her job. Use the following tips to prepare for your appointment for ant pest control services to take care of an ant issue:

Thoroughly Clean the Affected Area

Ants typically infest a home because they are looking for sources of food and water. Thus, before a pest control technician arrives to perform services to get rid of ants, you need to make sure that the affected area is completely clean. Carefully clean your countertops to ensure that there are no crumbs, and sweep and mop your floors to remove food debris. Also make sure that there are no dishes with food debris sitting in your sink. You will also need to take out the trash and make sure that your interior garbage can is covered with a lid. You will need to keep up with all of these tasks for several days while the ant baits and pesticides take effect and eliminate the ant population in your home.

Secure Your Pets

Pets and pest control services do not mix. Pest control technicians use a variety of pesticides and chemicals that may not be safe for pets, so it is important for your pets to be secured and away from the area where the pest control services are being performed. Ideally, you should place your pets in a kennel or a pet carrier. If that is not an option, put your pets outside or place them in a bedroom and close the door.

Know Exactly Where You Have Seen Ants

In order for a pest control technician to do the job properly, he or she will need to know exactly where you have seen ants. Take the time to think about what has been going on; maybe there are a lot of ants in your kitchen, but even if you have only seen a few ants in your bathroom, there are most likely many more that you have not seen, so the area will need to be treated. The more thorough you are in explaining exactly where you have seen ants, the better the outcome will be.