Pests That Are Uncommon To Commercial Sites (And Why They Still Need To Go Away)

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Commercial sites are often built of brick, metal, glass, etc. Only a minimal amount of wood is typically used for any commercial building. That is why there are some pests that are quite uncommon to see on these sites. However, these particular pests still need to be removed, regardless of the fact that they do not normally invade these spaces. 


It is very rare, but termites will invade a commercial building. They are looking for any sort of space in which to nest, and they are not particular about nesting grounds. They do prefer areas where there is wood to chomp, but if there are sufficient trees close to the building, the termites will simply move into the building for nesting, and eat wood from outside close to the building.

You may not see them as pests, especially if there is no wood furniture or anything particularly wooden laying around inside the building, but these pests will not stop at your building. Once their larvae are fully developed, they will split the colony up and parts of the old colony will follow a new queen (or queens!) to other buildings in the area. Destroying them while they are exposed and obvious in your building prevents them from going elsewhere later. 


Rats are scavengers. Your building may be entirely offices and floors of wall-to-wall cubicles, but rats are smart. They will find that half-eaten donut in the trash, or the orange someone stashed in their desk drawer. As such, you may find signs of rats all over the building, and especially near trash cans where they will forage. Break rooms are a favorite place of rats once they make it inside the building. One visible rat usually equals six more you do not see, so it is vital to have commercial pest control come deal with them. They will reproduce rapidly if you do not deal with them right away. 


Unless your commercial site is a restaurant of some sort, wasps are nesting in your building in a very weird way. They only go where they perceive a stash of food is, and it generally is not in most commercial buildings that are only retail or office spaces. If you have a large enough nest of wasps, there is a constant danger of stinging and anaphylactic shock from an allergic reaction. Even if they are not bugging you, they still present a danger to anyone in the building who is allergic to bee venom.