3 Critical Tips For Eliminating A Bed Bug Infestation

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Have you recently realized that your home is infested with bed bugs? Are you mortified that your friends and relatives will find out before you're able to get rid of these pests? Unfortunately, you can't simply go to the store, get a can of bug spray, and go to town. The types of products that you can purchase at the store are going to have little-to-no effect on bed bugs in general. While you may kill a few, you're not going to get them all. Some better solutions to the issue are as follows:

Call a professional: The first step to bed bug control is to get a professional in to help. The infestation may be bigger or smaller than you are currently aware of, and the professional will have the experience to judge the extent of the issue. He or she will also have access to treatment methods that you wouldn't be able to obtain yourself and that will kill off the bed bugs without harming you or your family. Depending on the extent of the infestation, it may take multiple treatments for them to be fully eliminated, but this is still going to be faster than if you had attempted to do everything yourself.

Do laundry: Despite their name, bed bugs do hide in places that are not a bed. Anywhere dark and secluded works, including hiding within articles of clothing. Fortunately, things like heat and soapy water are one of the few weaknesses of bed bugs. While you can't dip a mattress into some hot and soapy water and then stick it in the dryer to eliminate bed bugs, you can do this with your clothing. While the professional is treating the rest of the house, your bed bug control efforts should be focused on laundering the clothes and then immediately sticking them into airtight storage bags. This will prevent any bed bugs from finding the clothes, crawling in, and starting the whole process over again.

Dismantle furniture: As previously stated, bed bugs will hide just about anywhere that they can. Furniture provides plenty of nooks and crannies for bed bugs to hide in. Unfortunately, even professional methods won't work on some articles of furniture, and these items will need to be thrown out in order to be rid of the infestation. However, furniture that can be dismantled into its various parts can often be treated just fine. If you do have this type of furniture, taking it apart will help with the bed bug control efforts.

Contact a local pest control company for more information about bed bug treatments