Getting Raccoons to Stay Away From Your Home

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If you have recently had encounters with raccoons near your home, you likely worry that they may destroy your structure and your personal belongings. There are a few actions that help to keep raccoons from being nuisances.

Block Areas Where Raccoons May Nest

Raccoons are nocturnal by nature, so you are more apt to see them after the sun goes down. During the daytime hours, they take up residence in areas where they can remain warm and dry. If you notice raccoons often, there is a good possibility they are living under your home or shed if there is access to these areas. Pieces of lattice tend to work well at keeping raccoons from utilizing these comfortable spots for resting.

Eliminate All Food Sources From Your Property

If raccoons are not leaving your property, they have a source of food nearby to keep them interested in staying. You need to find this food source and remove it so raccoons move on to other locations. If you feed pets outdoors, make sure to take up food dishes when mealtime is over. Raccoons also try getting into garbage cans in search of food. Keep your containers inside a garage or locked shed until your garbage pick-up day. Invest in garbage cans with locking lids and spray down cans with a vinegar and water mixture before refilling them with trash. 

Remove Insects And Raccoons Will Soon Follow

Raccoons eat a variety of insects. If your property is full of bugs, raccoons will stick around. Grubs are one of their favorite foods. Treat your property to eliminate pests so that raccoons need to move on to other spots to search for food. Apply a spray or granule mixture made to minimize yard insects every few weeks to eliminate these pests. If you worry about using pesticides because of plants, small children, or pets, contact a pest control service to help.

Contact A Wildlife Removal Service If Necessary

If your yard is overrun with raccoons, or if baby raccoons are noticed, getting help from a professional is best. A wildlife removal service comes to your home to evaluate the property and the nuisance animals upon it. They then use trapping methods to safely collect the wildlife causing you distress. After, they'll bring the collected raccoons to another area with the proper habitat needed for them to continue to have a healthy lifestyle. 

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